【Chateau On The Lake Resort】My best Romania friend ever, Kinga


不知不覺建立起跨國的友情(?)哈哈哈,總之一起經歷的事情太多了,心疼她在這裡遇到的種種,也直截了當告訴她如果我是她我會選擇做出什麼樣的決定。今天一早她來跟我道別,給了我一張羅馬尼亞的鈔票,上面寫” Thank you for being a good friend. I wish u all the best.” 然後給了我一個很長的擁抱,我看見她濕了眼眶又趕緊擦乾的模樣,才發現離別這件事真的很難,尤其是我們甚至不知道此生還會不會再相見。我寫了張chateau的明信片作道別,把所有祝福都交給了她。

I remember that our first meet, I was in a rush to catch up the shuttle. Then u introduced yourself to me.
Actually I never thought we can be that good friends at that time.

Gradually, we shared lots of things with each other. No matter it was about relationships or work, I just wanna tell you, since I knew that I could trust you as far as I could. You were always with me whenever I was happy or frustrated, listening to me all the times.
I do remember all the memories with you and I literally appreciate I can be your colleague in your last month.

It’s gonna be kind of tough to start the next chapter of our lives. But I definitely believe that we’re gonna keep in touch and stay friends wherever we go. Since you are the special girl of my W&T experience.

Take care, Kinga.
I wish you all the best.
Safe flight, I’m gonna miss u so much, absolutely…😭 #workandtravel #Branson #missouri#mybestforeignfriend #romania🇹🇩 #taiwan🇹🇼周澐 Chateau On The Lake Resort2


地點:Chateau On The Lake Resort 密蘇里州




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